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Friday, July 23, 2004

Diocesan Homepage Contest 

While, for work reasons (trust me, I don't do this for fun) I am skimming through various diocesan websites across the country, I decided to perform a self-refereed contest between competing official diocesan webpages.  The competitors thus far, in the following categories, are:

1.  Best Overall Look: (1) Diocese of Metuchen, (2) Diocese of Belleville, (3) Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

2.  Best Use of Technology: (1) Diocese of Brooklyn, (2) Archdiocese of Miami, (3) Archdiocese of San Antonio.

3.  Most Unimpressive: (1) Diocese of St. Thomas, (2) Diocese of Gallup, (3) Diocese of Ogdensburg

4.  Most Non-Existent: (1) Knoxville, (2) Little Rock, (3) Mobile.

5.  Most Cheesy Photograph of Bishop: (1) Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, (2) Diocese of Albany, (3) Diocese of Bismarck

6.  Most Prominent Coverage of Sexual Abuse: Diocese of Pittsburgh, (2) Diocese of Lansing, (3) Archdiocese of Miami.  

7.  Downright Weirdest: (1) Diocese of Davenport, (2) Diocese of Laredo, (3) Diocese of Venice.

8.  Most Cluttered: (1) Diocese of Owensboro, (2) Diocese of Rockville Centre, (3) Diocese of Madison

9.  Lamest / Tackiest: (1) Diocese of Monterey, (2) Diocese of Norwich, (3) Diocese of Las Cruces, (4) Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph

10.  Ugliest / Worst Overall: (Sorry, couldn't get this down to three): (1) Diocese of Kansas City in Kansas, (2) Diocese of Camden, (3) Diocese of Fargo, (4) Diocese of Dallas, (5) Diocese of La Crosse, (6) Diocese of San Bernardino, (7) Diocese of San Jose.

The following categories are, as of yet, undisputed:

11.  Most Clearly Never Done a Website Before: Archdiocese of Dubuque.

12.  Most Self-Conscious: Diocese of Evansville.

13.  Homiest: Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux.

14.  Most Blatantly Political: Diocese of Jefferson City.

15.  Most Self-Deprecating: Diocese of Fairbanks.

I invite votes, additional competitors, or suggestions for further categories.

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